There is a fundamental misunderstanding about the role of technology in the United States.

Invading your privacy doesn’t protect your freedom.

Technology has transformed nearly every aspect of our society. From education, to transportation, to media, to energy, there is hardly an industry that has been untouched by modern technology. The major exception to this has been the federal government. The goal of the Cyber Party is quite simple: we aim to speed up the rate the federal government adopts new technology, without sacrificing American freedom and privacy. More About Our Mission

Donkeys and Elephants

Just Don’t Make Sense in the Modern World

If the federal bureaucracy adopts technology in a meaningful way, it will become much easier to adapt to changes in policy or procedure. 10 hour long congressional hearings will no longer be needed for a simple change in workflow. By adapting a lean approach to government, the amount of savings that can be realized by improved efficiency will eliminate the need for wholesale changes to foundational policies.

Other parties consistently lag behind trends in technology – Cyber Party members are committed to staying ahead of the curve and remaining proactive in policymaking.

“Guard Against the Impostures of Pretended Patriotism”

– George Washington

Take a Stand and Secure Your Freedom

The US was created by the people, for the people - help us ensure it stays that way!

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